Pre-order Jay's New Book!


Hey everybody - Jay wrote a book that tells the story of forming Broken Lizard, making Super Troopers, and even touches on ST2! It releases March 28, but you can go ahead an snag a pre-ordered copy at any of the retailers listed below. Wanna know what you're in for?

"Jay grew up Indian American in the lily-white suburbs of Chicago, and he had an outsider's perspective from the beginning. Instead of taking the traditional acting path, he formed his own troop, wrote his own scripts, and made movies his own way. And he had an incredibly good time doing so, as readers will learn in this hilarious story about making it in Hollywood and making one of the best-loved and most-watched comedies of all time. Part humorous memoir, part film study, this book will inform, entertain, and tell readers what drinking multiple bottles of maple syrup is really like."