What the hell is taking so long?

We know. When you helped fund this baby, the first thing on your mind probably wasn't that it might take... ahem... years to get your perks. For the record, we didn't quite anticipate it taking this long to get Super Troopers 2 into theaters. But there's light at the end of the tunnel, folks.

We've done our best to fulfill all the perks that we could before the release of the movie - the stuff like personalized videos. Other things like posters and scripts are dependent on the release of the movie and working with our studio, Fox Searchlight, to coordinate. That's why the majority of the physical stuff will be coming your way in Spring 2018.

For a breakdown, check out our estimated delivery schedule.

Thanks for sticking with us.

What if I want one of the perks, and it’s sold out?

Snooze you lose, bub. You gotta get these perks while they’re hot. So, contribute now. If possible, we'll increase the number of a few limited release perks and we’ll be adding a few more awesome perks throughout the month. So, stay tuned.

When will I get my perks?

See our list of completed perks and an estimated calendar for remaining perks here.

Are all of the rewards available in all countries?

Movie tickets might not be available outside of the USA. We’ll try. If they’re not, we’ll send you something awesome instead, worth about the same amount. Also, please note that only US residents or international residents with valid work visas can be extras or have a speaking line in the movie.

How will you know where to send my perks? What happens if I move before you send out the perks? How do I change my address?

You should have already filled out your perks survey in CrowdOx. You can continue to keep your address up to date there. We'll let you know before we lock the surveys and you're no longer able to change your address. Until then, update away!

Don't know how to access CrowdOx? Get your personal link here.

What happens if I give you money for these perks, and the movie never gets made, or disaster strikes and it never comes out?

If some act of god keeps us from making the movie, we’d still send you any perks that we’re able to produce. (And then they'll be genuine collectibles!) For perks that we couldn’t produce on our own, such as the Fandango Movie Ticket, digital downloads, or DVDs, we would issue you a partial refund for the part of your contribution that would have paid for the perk.

What if I want more than one perk package (or standalone perk)?

Knock yourself out, playgirl! You can make multiple pledges on Indiegogo using a single account. Just make sure you use the same email address and login, so we’ll know that all of your perks are meant to go to the same person.


How does the FANDANGO MOVIE TICKET work?

If your perks include a Fandango Movie Ticket, you’re basically pre-ordering your movie ticket now, so that we can use the money to make the movie. A few weeks before the movie is released in theaters, you’ll receive a Fandango Movie Ticket, and instructions for using it, at the email address you provided here on Indiegogo.

Here are the most important things to know:

  • Each Fandango Movie Ticket will be good for one movie ticket, worth up to $13 total value, to see Super Troopers 2 when it comes out.

  • You’ll be able to grab your ticket from any Fandango partner theater in the USA, even the ones whose listings say “no coupons, no passes.” So there.

  • We think you should use your Fandango Movie Ticket on opening night – or at a preview screening, if we can set them up – but either way, you’ll need to use it within four weeks of when the movie comes out, or it’ll expire.

  • You’ll need to grab your ticket through Fandango.com or the Fandango app. You can’t just take our email to the theater and expect them to let you in. This isn’t communist Russia.

Here’s some other stuff the lawyers are making us include:

Fandango Promotional Code is good towards one movie ticket, up to $13 total value, to see Super Troopers 2 at Fandango partner theaters in the U.S. Fandango promotional code expiration date will be stated on the delivery email and void if not used within 4 weeks after delivery.

Not for resale; void if sold or exchanged. Only valid for purchases made at fandango.com or via the Fandango app for Fandango partner theaters in the U.S. Neither Fandango nor Fandango Loyalty Solutions, LLC is a co-sponsor or sponsor of this promotion.

The redemption of Fandango Promotional code is subject to Fandango’s terms and conditions at www.fandango.com/termsofuse.aspx and www.fandango.com/PurchasePolicy.aspx.
©2015 Fandango Loyalty Solutions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

What if I'm supposed to get the FANDANGO MOVIE TICKET and I don’t live in the United States, or near a theater me?

Well, the better our Indiegogo campaign does, the better our chances are to get the movie into a theater near you... so for now, the best way to avoid this is to encourage more friends to contribute, so you can all go see the movie together.

But: if your perks include a Fandango Movie Ticket, and the movie isn’t released in any theaters near you, we can either send you a partial refund of your contribution, or we can send you a cool surprise gift instead. Or you can just let us keep the extra cash to make the movie even better. Your call.

As far as international backers: we’ve only got a guaranteed plan for movie tickets in the United States. When we work out theatrical distribution in other countries, if we can, we'll look for ways to provide movie tickets. If the movie just doesn’t come to a theater near you – we’ll either give you a partial refund (up to $13) or send you an awesome surprise perk instead.

How will I get my DIGITAL DOWNLOAD perk?

We’re still working out the specifics, but we’ll do our best to make it available on all of the major platforms -- iTunes, Amazon, Google, whatever. Outside of the United States, the options might be different. We’ll keep you posted.

If I get the PERSONALIZED VIDEO perk, what will you say/do?

Anything that’s legal. We’re going to shoot them on set during production, so we can appear in costume. We can help you propose to your fiance, prank one of your friends, dump your terrible boyfriend or girlfriend, or sing you a lullabye. Get creative. Or if you’re not creative, just tell us. We’ll make up something for you.

UPDATED APRIL 11, 2015: Please note that this perk is only for personal use, and not for creating advertisements and promotional videos. Those have all kinds of additional legal and union implications. You can share what we make online if you want, but if you're asking us to help promote or endorse something, we might not be able to help. 

When will I get my T-SHIRT?

The OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN T-SHIRT (included with all perk packages that include a t-shirt) will be sent out about 4-6 weeks before Super Troopers 2 is released, which should be sometime early in 2016.

If you ordered one of the LIMITED EDITION SHIRTS, those will be sent out sooner. We expect to be able to produce and ship those shirts sometime late this summer. You should have them by September, if not sooner. When we know more, we'll email all contributors receiving Limited Edition shirts to provide an update.

How will you know what size T-SHIRT to send me?

When the campaign is over, we'll be contacting all contributors with links to more detailed PERK SURVEYS, where you'll be able to tell us your shipping address, your perk preferences, and any other details we need. When we do, you'll tell us what T-SHIRT SIZE you'd like, and we'll answer any questions you have.

For T-SHIRTS, how do I know the right size? 

Don't worry, the shirts will not be one-size-fits-all. We've made arrangements to offer sizes from XS through 5X. (Please note that 3X, 4X and 5X shirts cost us more to purchase, so there's an additional $5 charge for those sizes.)

For those of you who care about what brands and materials your clothes are made with, here's what we're using:



XS - 5X

NextLevel - Fine Jersey Tee (100% Cotton)

HOODIES XS - 5X Gildan - Dry Blend (50/50 Cotton-Polyester)

For larger sizes, we had to switch brands, since American Apparel and Tultex are only offered in sizes up to 3X. But we found a solution. (Farva-sized fans, we love you just as much.)

If you want to get the best possible fit, you can always measure yourself before choosing your shirt size. If you've never measured a T-SHIRT before and aren't sure where to measure, here's a helpful guide:


Here are the sizing charts for the shirts and hoodies:









XS 16 1/2" 27 3/8" XS 18" 26"
S 18" 28 3/8" S 20" 27"
M 20" 29 3/8" M 22" 28"
L 22" 30 3/8" L 24" 29"
XL 24" 31 3/8" XL 26" 30"
2X 26" 32 3/8" 2X 28" 31"
3X 28" 33" 3X 30" 32"
4X 30" 34" 4X 32" 33"
5X 32" 35" 5X 34" 34"

What’s going to happen at the BEERFEST TOURNAMENT(S)?

It’ll be a lot like that movie Beerfest. (Have you seen that? You should. It’s awesome.) We’re getting custom beerpong tables built, and up to 50 teams can enter to compete. A couple hundred more people will be able to hang out, watch, eat and drink. We’ll have a bracket, and teams of 2 will fight their way to the top, where they’ll play against the five of us. The winning team will get a trophy and 2 VIP Tickets to the Premiere/Afterparty of their choice, and all three top teams will get to keep one of the custom handmade tables we’re commissioning for the event.


If you want to be sure you’ll get to see Super Troopers 2 on the big screen, no matter where you live or how many theaters it gets released in, a few of you can reserve a private theatrical screening in your town. We’ll work with you to figure out a local theater, rent a screen, and do a private screening for you and up to 25 friends. It’ll be within 2 weeks of when the movie is released in theaters. The cast won’t be there, but we will throw in popcorn and soda!

If I NAME A CHARACTER, can I name it anything I want?

Anything you (and we) can get cleared past the lawyers. Please don’t ruin our movie.

If I get the BE AN ACTOR perk, what will I get to say/do in the movie?

The script isn’t finalized but don’t worry, we’ll select something that won’t necessarily make you look like an idiot. That part is up to you. But your role will definitely impact the narrative. You won’t just be standing there with your weenie in your hand. (Unless that impacts the narrative.)

Will some really get THE PATROL CAR you use in the movie? Is driving a fake cop car even legal?

Fuck yes, someone will get to keep it. But we’ll have to figure out how to get it to you. We suggest coming out to get it, and driving it back. It’ll make a great road trip and a great story.

UPDATED APRIL 11, 2015: Please note, a fake cop car might not be street legal to drive in most locations or scenarios. We'll help you figure this out, but pretending to be a cop might get you into trouble with an actual cop.