It’s been a really long time since Super Troopers.
Why make the sequel now?

We've always wanted to make a sequel... but first, we also wanted to run from a killer on an island resort and chug beers against Germans. After that, we had to get permission from the studio, write an awesome script and then wait for lawyers to schedule a shitload of conference calls.

Then when we learned about Indiegogo, we realized we could give you guys the chance to help us make Super Troopers 2 right now. And Bob's your uncle.

When will you make Super Troopers 2?
When will it be released?

As soon as we raise enough money, we’ll get started on pre-production. If this campaign goes really well, we’ll be able to start shooting sometime this summer, and we’d aim for a release date in early 2016.

Of course, production schedules can change a lot, and depending on when our desired cast are all available, it could take a little bit longer. Even so: we're confident we'll be able to shoot the movie this year, and we should be able to finish editing it and have it ready release about 6 months after we finish shooting. 

What’s Super Troopers 2 going to be about?!

What would be the point of that? It’d spoil the magic of your experience watching the movie. What the hell is the matter with you? You’re probably that person who jumps right to the last page of a book. You need help.