Tell us what to put in your

You've been super patient, and now that we're headed back to set, we need to know what you'd like us to say and/or do in your PERSONALIZED VIDEO. We'll be recording these videos on set during the shoot for Super Troopers 2, so we'll be in uniform with full, resplendent mustaches.

We can't stage specific scenes for you, so there's no need to ask for specific camerawork, props or scenarios. We know it would be awesome if we could shoot personalized car chases, fights or full frontal sex scenes, but let's be real: we've got a movie to shoot. 

Your video is going to be us sitting or standing and talking to the camera.
(But don't worry, it's still going to be pretty fucking awesome.)

We don't have a lot of shame, but we do have a few RULES AND GUIDELINES to save us all some time and trouble.

  • It should be something we can record within 45 seconds.
  • If you include a name, tell us how to pronounce it. Words that rhyme are helpful.
  • You can share your video message online, but it's for personal use only.
  • We can't record promotional messages for your brand, company or candidate. Sorry, dudes.
  • If you ask us to say something we're not comfortable with, we'll let you know.
  • If you don't know what you want in your video, just say "Surprise me", and tell us something about you that we can work with.

We'll need to do a little advance planning, so...

You've missed the deadline we announced, so we can no longer guarantee we'll be able to shoot your video before production ends. But, we can still try if you fill out the form below right the f**k meow.

If we don't get your answer by then, we can't guarantee you'll ever get your video. It sucks, but we're not magicians, here.

Got questions? Feel free to email us and ask.

We're not sure which Lizard(s) will record your video, but if you got to choose, who WOULD you want?
Just in case we've got time-sensitive follow-up questions before we can record your message.