All times are subject to change, but as of JULY 29, 2018, here are our current estimates:


    • Super Troopers 2, DVD and Blu-ray (USA + Canada)
    • Posters for ST1 and ST2 (USA + Canada)


    • Super Troopers 2, printed megascript
    • Broken Lizard Movie Collection ("Unboxed Set") - DVD and Blu-ray
    • Super Troopers 2, DVD and Blu-ray (International)
    • Super Troopers 2, Digital Downloads (international)
    • Posters for ST1 and ST2 (International)

    Missing a perk that has already shipped? Check the PERK FAQ to get help quickly!



      • EVENT: Cannabis Cup
      • Ask Farva Videos
      • Telethon Perk: Phone Call with a Lizard
      • Telethon Perk: Flatter or Insult You During Telethon
      • Telethon Perk: Call You A Chickenf**ker

      COMPLETED: JUNE 2015

      • Baseball Game with Broken Lizard
      • Chickenf**ker & Mustache Ride Videos


      • Limited Edition T-Shirts (unless you chose to group them with remaining perks)
      • Name a Character or Town
      • Lizards Follow You on Twitter
      • Stretch Perk: The Tin Foil Monkey Agenda


      • Telethon Perk: Super Troopers 1, signed scripts
      • Telethon Perk: Johnny Chimpo Tote Bags
      • Telethon Perk: Autographed Underwear
      • Telethon Perk: Art Prints

      COMPLETED: FEB 2016

      • Beerfest Chicago (February 2016)

      COMPLETED: SEPT 2016

      • Set Visits & Featured Extras
      • Be A Producer
      • Be A Director

       COMPLETED: DEC 2016

      • Personalized Videos
      • Personalized Voicemails

      COMPLETED: FALL 2017

      • Group Twitter Thanks from @BrokenLizard
      • Keep the Patrol Car


      • Advance Screening Events
      • Telethon Perk: Chug with Broken Lizard


        • Free Mystery Perks
        • Official Campaign T-Shirts
        • Trooper Mustaches, Badges & Aviators
        • Genuine Trooper Hats
        • Fandango Movie Tickets (USA Backers)
        • Cineplex Movie Tickets (Canada Backers)
        • International Movie Tickets (Australia + Estonia)
        • Red Carpet Premiere Events
        • Private Theatrical ScreeningS
        • Thank You on

        COMPLETED: JULY 2018

        • The Men of Super Troopers Pin-up Calendar (Get one!)
        • Digital Downloads (US & Canada)
        • Super Troopers 2 Digital Megascript (PDF)


        How does the FANDANGO MOVIE TICKET work?

        If your perks include a Fandango Movie Ticket, you’re basically pre-ordering your movie ticket now, so that we can use the money to make the movie. A few weeks before the movie is released in theaters, you’ll receive a Fandango Movie Ticket, and instructions for using it, at the email address you provided here on Indiegogo.

        Here are the most important things to know:

        • Each Fandango Movie Ticket will be good for one movie ticket, worth up to $13 total value, to see Super Troopers 2 when it comes out.

        • You’ll be able to grab your ticket from any Fandango partner theater in the USA, even the ones whose listings say “no coupons, no passes.” So there.

        • We think you should use your Fandango Movie Ticket on opening night – or at a preview screening, if we can set them up – but either way, you’ll need to use it within four weeks of when the movie comes out, or it’ll expire.

        • You’ll need to grab your ticket through or the Fandango app. You can’t just take our email to the theater and expect them to let you in. This isn’t communist Russia.

        Here’s some other stuff the lawyers are making us include:

        Fandango Promotional Code is good towards one movie ticket, up to $13 total value, to see Super Troopers 2 at Fandango partner theaters in the U.S. Fandango promotional code expiration date will be stated on the delivery email and void if not used within 4 weeks after delivery.

        Not for resale; void if sold or exchanged. Only valid for purchases made at or via the Fandango app for Fandango partner theaters in the U.S. Neither Fandango nor Fandango Loyalty Solutions, LLC is a co-sponsor or sponsor of this promotion.

        The redemption of Fandango Promotional code is subject to Fandango’s terms and conditions at and
        ©2015 Fandango Loyalty Solutions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

        What if I'm supposed to get the FANDANGO MOVIE TICKET and I don’t live in the United States, or near a theater me?

        Well, the better our Indiegogo campaign does, the better our chances are to get the movie into a theater near you... so for now, the best way to avoid this is to encourage more friends to contribute, so you can all go see the movie together.

        But: if your perks include a Fandango Movie Ticket, and the movie isn’t released in any theaters near you, we can either send you a partial refund of your contribution, or we can send you a cool surprise gift instead. Or you can just let us keep the extra cash to make the movie even better. Your call.

        As far as international backers: we’ve only got a guaranteed plan for movie tickets in the United States. When we work out theatrical distribution in other countries, if we can, we'll look for ways to provide movie tickets. If the movie just doesn’t come to a theater near you – we’ll either give you a partial refund (up to $13) or send you an awesome surprise perk instead.

        How do PRIVATE SCREENINGS work?

        If you want to be sure you’ll get to see Super Troopers 2 on the big screen, no matter where you live or how many theaters it gets released in, a few of you can reserve a private theatrical screening in your town. We’ll work with you to figure out a local theater, rent a screen, and do a private screening for you and up to 25 friends. It’ll be within 2 weeks of when the movie is released in theaters. The cast won’t be there, but we will throw in popcorn and soda!